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    KYMN 「Tokyo,NY,Jazz and Pop」

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    EP デジタルリリース
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    1. Do I? (The Apple Tree)
    2. Take My Thread
    3. 君が求めるそれを僕は
    4. Come Over


    KOTETSU (Vocal, Trombone)
    副田整歩 (Flute on 1 and 3, Soprano Saxophone on 2, Alto Saxophone on 4, Backup Chorus on 3)
    宮嶋みぎわ (Piano, Backup Chorus on 3, Bandleader)
    寺尾陽介 (Bass)
    *Hand Claps on #3 ギラ・ジルカ,Midori Kaneko Larsen, KYMN



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