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    KYMN 「Tokyo,NY,Jazz and Pop」

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    1. Do I? (The Apple Tree)
    2. Take My Thread
    3. 君が求めるそれを僕は
    4. Come Over
    5. The Golden Miracles
    6. The Sun Will Rise Again
    7. あまい魔法
    8. An Ending  – I Love You – bonus track
    9. Take My Thread – the NY session version – bonus track


    KOTETSU (Vocal, Trombone)
    副田整歩 (Flute on 1 and 3, Soprano Saxophone on 2, Alto Saxophone on 4, Backup Chorus on 3)
    宮嶋みぎわ (Piano, Backup Chorus on 3, Bandleader)
    寺尾陽介 (Bass)
    *Hand Claps on #3 ギラ・ジルカ,Midori Kaneko Larsen, KYMN






    KYMN プロフィール



     Formed in Tokyo in 2023, KYMN (Ka-I-M) is an acoustic jazz-pop quartet that blends jazz with the elements of classical music, soul music, and the Japanese city pop of the 1980s. KYMN's lyrics, written in both English and Japanese, reflect a culture of mutual support that originated in their native Japan. Through their music, KYMN aims to empower those who are overworked in modern life and motivate them to live authentic and fulfilled lives. 

     KOTETSU's performance evokes deep emotions and often brings tears to the listener's eyes. A singer, composer, and trombonist, KOTETSU infuses notes and lyrics with prayer and sparkle through his sweet voice and extraordinary technique.  

    Yosuke Terao, Japan's leading jazz bassist, is the 2020 recipient of the Japanese government's "Overseas Study for Artists" program. In addition to anchoring the band with his robust sound, Yosuke is a key element that unifies the quartet's music, playing melodies and grooves with the best blend and balance.

      Naomu Soeda, a classically trained multi-reed instrumentalist and composer, goes beyond the typical accompaniment role in pop music. With his colorful and melodious tones, he brings out the heart of songs and elevates their artistic essence to a higher level.   

    The creative force behind KYMN's music is primarily Miyajima Migiwa, a Tokyo-to-NY immigrant, an internationally acclaimed jazz composer, and a five-time Grammy-nominated producer. An active member of New York's innovative large jazz ensemble community and the recipient of numerous international awards, she believes that true art should be accessible to all. With KYMN, she weaves refined compositional techniques into her music with a sense of familiarity, nostalgia, and casualness. Her overflowing inspiration spotlights the unique musical personalities of her bandmates KOTETSU, Naomu, and Yosuke, who are highly regarded in Tokyo's music scene. This synergy results in an accessible allure that lingers in the mind and draws listeners back again and again.  

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